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All You Need to Know About Adulteration in Drug Test

Most drug users have come up with an intelligent way of tackling being caught when drug test are being carried on the specimens. Some of the common strategies for drug test alterations are exchanging of the specimens and ingestion of large quantities of compounds to dilute the concentration of the drugs in the samples. The most recent one is the addition of adulterants directly to the samples. When interfering with drug test results, two outcomes are expected. These outcomes can be either positive or negative depending on the measure and outcome.

Understanding Adulteration in the Drug Test

To degrade is to lower the quality of something by the addition of other substances which is inherently inferior to the latter. Adulteration is generally illegal when it comes to a drug test in whatever channel or position. For you to reduce adulterants during a job interview drug testing, you need to curb on either side. Any employee that is on drugs is probably going to affect the company’s productivity and even affect the way other employee work. While the process of drug testing new employees is essential, it is good to understand various procedures that can manipulate the tests.

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Benefits and Dangers of Adulterants

lab testingAdulterants are used to cover up the presence of drug use in a working place. A worker or interviewee who use adulterant to manipulate the drug test results will keep using drugs, and this will affect the general productivity of the person. When this poses a risk signal to the company, the employee will be under strict supervision, and he or she will develop withdrawal which is very dangerous to one’s career.

Usually, the risks do not show all at ones. They usually take some time, and by the time they completely manifest, the latter will have costed the company hugely. Therefore, one can save his or her skin during the time of scrutiny, but once they proceed with drug use, the system will inevitably catch up with them soon or later.

When someone who has been adding adulterants s during drug tests gets caught, they will be fired or get help by being taken for rehabilitation. This act will automatically put your career at jeopardy.

Adulterants occur in many forms since they may be added to urine during the sample collection and even before. Before using adulterants, it is crucial to learn about them just as it is significant to know the impact of drug use in a career that has taken you years to reach. Below are tips on how different kinds of adulterants affect the urine sample test.

Adulterants Added Before the Drug Test

Synthetic Urine

Most people are usually puzzled on how synthetic urine work. Synthetic urine has defined a substance that tries to copy the trait or the properties of real urine. The material is usually in powder form. The powder is (synthetic urine) is mixed in water to give the mixture pee-like properties. The kits can be found online, or offline stores and they have heating pads that keep the urine –like mixture warm like real urine.

Synthetic urine will work depending on the sophistication of the laboratory and the experience of the one who conducts the tests. The biggest challenge is getting the synthetic urine to the test. People tape it on the body by the use of a whizzinator. At times it is close to impossible to differentiate between synthetic urine from the real one because they both have almost similar properties including the PH and the creatinine level.  If you want to pass a urine drug test, check www.idrn.org/quick-fix-synthetic-urine-review/ for a great option like quick fix synthetic urine.

Use of other people’s Urine

Another method of passing a drug test is by using the urine of a drug-free person. The challenge comes in when getting it to the test lab especially when the inspection is tight. The urine from other people is kept in cups and sold to the interviewees who need it at that moment. Other common adulterants used in drug test include the use of urine additives and specific household products.…

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